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Thanks so much! Your service is amazing! The flowers delivered exactly matched the photo on your website. They were delivered in less than 1 day from the time the order was placed and are beautiful.

3 January 2017

Thank you....!!!! They are excellent service, thank you my girlfriend is very happy in your birthday. Yours are the best. I know we had complications with delivery but everything is very good. Continue with excellent service. Greetings from Quito - Ecuador

30 December 2016
27 December 2016, 11:49, Anastasiia:

2 days delay in delivery.

28 December 2016, 04:37, Служба контроля качества Megaflowers:

Dear Anastasia, please accept our deepest apology for the spoiled birthday present and negative emotions.

We accept we made a mistake with the delivery date, which we found out the very next day. Soon after that we communicated with the recipient the delivery date, which was postponed one more day later due to the recipient's absence in town.

As a compensation, we made a delivery of flowers at our expense and refunded your order in full.

Anastasia, we hope you would accept our apology and,we promise to provide the best service possible in the future.

Best Regards, Megaflowers

27 December 2016
9 December 2016, 14:29, Zubair:

The order processing and communication was very easy and helpful. I rescheduled the delivery time and the staff were very swift in managing my request. As for the delivered product. I ordered Pink lilies but they were white in the bouquet. Secondly, i assumed there would be a complementary birthday card design but my wife received a blank note with some words scribbled. Overall i am actually satisfied because my wife did not complain :) thanks to the megaflowers team for making this happen.

10 December 2016, 05:00, Megaflowers Quality Control Service:

Thank you, Zubair, for your review. We want you to accept our apologies for failing in delivery of your order.

As it turned out, as the time of the delivery was changed the florist hurried up and did not inform us about the substitude they did. There are also some inaccuracies with the greeting card. The staff responsible for your order was talked to in order to avoid such mistakes again.

With your permission, as a compensation our company will deliver an apology order.

We hope that you, Zubair, will remain among our customers and give us a chance to prove that we are capable of recognizing and correcting our mistakes.

Best Regards, Megaflowers

9 December 2016

It's my second time using Magaflowers. I am very satisfied with their service. Excellent service, excellent prices, excellent customer service. Highly recommend!

5 December 2016
10 November 2016, 16:10, M Thomas:

Terrible service. I stated with my order that the flowers were for my wedding bouquet, and made sure to order a couple of weeks in advance in case there were any problems. The company emailed at 7pm the night before delivery to say that they didn't have ANY of the flowers in my order and suggested a change of colour. I replied stating that I wasn't happy with the colour suggested and asked for a different colour. I received no reply, and my order was never delivered! There was no communication (phone or email) to say that they would not be delivering the flowers, just a complete no show. Absolutely disgusted with the level of service I received, and definitely will NOT be using this company again.

11 November 2016, 23:55, Служба контроля качества Megaflowers:

Dear Megan Thomas,
Thanks for the review you left on our website. We a very sorry for not being able to meet your expectations, and we were the reason of your disappointment. Please accept our deepest apologies.

We had to approve the flowers change in your bouquet twice, and unfortunately it didn't work for you. That is why we issued the refund for your order. Please fill out the refund form that has been sent to you. As a token of sincerity we have suggested the three roses bouquet with the box of candy delivery on the house. For some reason you have not recieved our email.

With that being said we do hope you will give us a chance to win your business and let us to deliver this small present to the recipient.

Best Regards, Megaflowers

10 November 2016

I have twice used this company. First and foremost their product is first class, fresh and beautiful. Now on delivery the first order was delivered promptly. The second order was delayed a few hours but I was notified promptly of the delay and Mega compensated for the delay by providing a free cake. The cake was a great gesture and the few hour delay wasn't a problem. As a matter of fact the cake was so delicious that she was glad it was delayed and she got the cake as compensation. She was elated with ever aspect of the birthday flowers, candies, bear and the cake as well. Mega flowers is my first choice.

28 October 2016
16 October 2016, 17:26, R.Mastrangeli:

It was the first time we used this flowers delivery service. At beginning it was a little bit difficult to contact the service as we are in Rome and the Italy contact number 800874465 did not worked. However,we used other contacts and the serviceand delivery was perfect. We (in Rome) and the recipient (in Novosibirsk) have appreciated a lot your service and we are really grateful to you for the opportunity we had to stay more close each other with your perfect service. For sure, now that we know it, we will use it again.Thanks again and a special thank to Chat/email service and to Novosibirsk flower shop that perfectly delivered our order.

17 October 2016, 00:43, Megaflowers Quality Control Service:

Dear R.Mastrangeli, thank you for expressing your opinion, and we apologize for the inconvenience.

We are glad that overall you were satisfied with the service. Regarding the technical problems - they will be fixed.

Looking forward to your new orders. We will deliver them with pleasure!

Best Regards, Megaflowers

16 October 2016
30 September 2016, 18:18, bhagwati:

i was ask photo of delivery , but i did not recived this time also send gift from this site from three years. this is not happen

1 October 2016, 07:10, Megaflowers Quality Control Service:

Dear Mr. Prasad,

We would like to thank you for the review you left on our website. It is very important for us to get feedback from our customers.

We would also like to let you know that that the recipient refused to be photographed with the flowers; it is her choice, and we believe we have no right to insist. That is the reason the photo has not been sent to you. We have sent you an email in which we informed you that the recipient refused to be photographed.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call us.

Best Regards, Megaflowers

30 September 2016

Perfect in time

26 September 2016

Very courteous and professional service with attention to detail. I will order again from your company. Thank you!

11 September 2016
8 September 2016, 23:38, Amr Mehiar:

the delivery service was very bad it came late and the order had 5 balloons with it 4 of them were empty of air and it was covered with dirt like the delivery guy dropped it in mud!

9 September 2016, 12:46, Megaflowers Quality Control Service:

Dear Amr Mehiar,
Thank you for your review.
Please accept our sincere apologies for the unprofessional actions of our courier and also for the late delivery.

Our quality control service will take the dialogue with the employee who made these faults. He will be seriously chastised. Also took place a conversation regarding our company standards.

In agreement with you we will deliver a bouquet of flowers and helium balloons to the expense of the company.

We hope you stay among our customers. We promise this will not happen anymore.

Best Regards, Megaflowers

8 September 2016

Hello Ms/Mrs, I m happy from ur service and ur helpful chat:).feel lucky that I choose u instead of other options. Thank you and God bless u all:) Regards!! Hemant Y

6 September 2016
6 September 2016, 14:17, Datu De Guzman Sangkad :

It turned out well. Thank you for the effort it was successful. Just note that I'm not satisfied with the penmanship, the message is not written properly. Also the flower arrangement did not match the ordered item. Above all it was a great service. I will order again soon.

7 September 2016, 04:00, Megaflowers Quality Control Service:

Thank you for your review and your critical remark.

We are very sorry that we were unable to deliver you order without mistake.
But we also happy that despite this situation you stay our customer.

Our company is responsible for all faults. The most important for us is your good mood and your loved ones.

As a compensation we add a box of chocolates to your next order to the expense of the company.

We promise you to show an excellent service.

Best Regards, Megaflowers

6 September 2016

I had problems with the payment first (couldn't make the transaction via debit card), so I had to open a PayPal account fot that. But PayPal is useful, so thank you guys for "forcing me" to open an account there :) Customer service was excellent, I was perfectly informed via e-mail by Pavel and they delivered the boquet sooner than expected. The receipent was happy too, thank you MegaFlowers!

6 September 2016

Thank you for the wonderful service you provide and special thanks to those who made up the arrangement.

5 September 2016
1 September 2016, 18:52, Mattia :

The flowers that i have send to My girlfriend are old and look not Good.

2 September 2016, 09:29, Megaflowers Quality Control Service:

Thank you Mattia for your opinion.

We're very sorry that the quality of flowers did not meet your expectations.
Accept please our sincere apologies.

Fresh flowers - one of the main requirements which we placed for our florists.
We really understand you and confirm that the fault like this absolutely unacceptable in our work. We accept all steps to prevent the same situation in the future. All perpetrators will be punished.

As a compensation we completed the delivery of the apologies bouquet in agreement with you. We hope that you will be able to forgive us  and you will stay among our customers.

Please be sure that we have noted all faults and have took steps to to address the shortcomings in the future.

Best Regards, Megaflowers

1 September 2016

Great, efficient service! Really happy! Will definitely send again flowers through your website :)

1 August 2016

Наконец то зарегестрировалась, но заказывала очень много раз с этого вэб сайта, могу сказать одно все очень безопасно в плане оплаты. Цены отличные коммуникабельность и персонал не могут быть лучше. Нашла этот сайт четыре года назад от чего я в восторге. И все мои знакомые кому его советовала. Сервис идеальный, счастья родных при получении не описать. Качество изумительные. А торты в частности моя мама не перестаёт хвалить. Спасибо вам огромное за возможность порадовать близких находясь за тысячи километров!!! You are the best.

29 July 2016

I'm very happy with your service, thank you very much to help me to smile someone, great job !!!! you are the best!!!

28 July 2016
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